Better Diagnosis Through Specialists

The gap between science and practice does not stop in all fields of veterinary medicine.No matter whether it is the reporting of complex laboratory findings, images with dermatological questions or unclear disease symptoms: We are your contact whenever you or your pet owners need the specialists expertise. Our experts are board certified specialists with the diploma of either the European or the American College. Access their knowledge at any time and expand your veterinary practice set-up in a case-related and time-saving manner. Use the connection to our experts network in your branding by emphasizing the access to our veterinary specialists in all fields as a quality feature.

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Advantages for Experts 

As board certified specialists you are a proven expert in your field with your expertise and education - an enrichment for veterinary care and the veterinary industry. How do you share your knowledge? How do you channel the request? How do you charge for this valuable informations? How do you deal with the situation of availability and planning your capacities? DiploVets offers you a platform to get these topics under control: You can take over the cases in your area of expertise without obligations and on your own schedule and availability.

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How It Works

See below how DiploVets works and how you can easily integrate DiploVets in your daily routine.

Register For Free

Register for free and become part of a unique expert network around the globe. There are no obligations or subscriptions based on your registration.

Your Profile

You decide if you want to share your CV and your qualifications public or if you want to be part of the network but not applicable via our homepage.

Work On Your Cases

All incoming cases are ready to write them. You will receive a notification email whenever a new case is coming in and see, if it fits into your area of expertise and daily schedule.

Create A Report

You find all case related informations within the report. You can also access the studies directly. Browser based you can write the report and attache screenshots as well as all other pictures.

Manage Your Cases

You will find all your reports in your account and can add comments separately if needed.


DiploVets cares for all the administration, invoicing the customers, the documentation and your comissions.

Your Advantages

Register For Free

Register for free without any obligations or subscriptions.

Your Profile

Use our platfrom to present your expert profile to a large community of veterinarians and pet owners. 

Your Schedule

Write the cases in your schedule and whenever the requests fit into your area of expertise.

Register as an Expert 

Become part of a global and unique network of experts and let us TOGETHER shape the veterinary care of tomorrow. We are constantly interested in expanding our network of specialists. As a board certified specialist with the diploma of either the European or American college, our platform offers you a unique opportunity to offer your skills to a huge veterinary network. Simply register on our page without obligations and help colleagues in their daily practice with your outstanding expertise.

Stay Up To Date

DiploVets will gladly inform you about relevant news and current developments.