21.Jun 2021

Interview with Dr. med. vet. Katrin Timm – Specialist in dermatology, Dipl. ECVD

Diplovets: Dr Timm, as a diplomate for dermatology, what does your typical day look like?

Dr. Katrin Timm: I work as an attending physician for dermatology in three different private clinics in Switzerland. In addition to my work in the clinics, there are also lectures at congresses and smaller training courses for veterinary surgeons or pet owners. I also participate in dermatological studies.

Diplovets: DiploVets has made it its goal to make diplomate expertise available to all vets. How can DiploVets be of help in the area of dermatology?

Dr. Katrin Timm: Not every region has direct access to diplomates for dermatology. And so not every vet has the option of referring complicated cases to a dermatologist.

DiploVets offers vets the possibility to send a patient's medical history to a specialist for a second opinion and to improve the workup and treatment of these cases.

Diplovets: What are some typical findings that you must assess?

Dr. Katrin Timm: Images of the altered skin areas and laboratory findings such as skin cytology procedures, skin biopsy reports, and results of serological tests for allergies.

Diplovets: What must a practitioner do to receive a useful diagnosis through telemedicine?

Dr. Katrin Timm: The most important thing is a thorough preliminary report that contains information on the animal's environment and diet, good quality images of the changes to the affected skin, and as much laboratory information as possible. Information on pretreatment is also very important, with exact information on active substances and dosages as well as the duration and success of treatment.


Thank you very much for your time and we wish you all the best!