22.Apr 2022

Case of the month - Bernese Mountain dog with lethargy


Case of the month

Signalment and anamnesis:

2-year-old, female intact Bernese Mountain dog with lethargy and reluctance to jump.

For further clarification radiographs in two planes were taken:


Radiographic description:

  • Mixed permeative osteolysis and osteoproliferation at the lateral portion of the right ilial wing.  The cortices are thinned or destructed. Palisadic periosteal reaction is visible in this area, and the transition zone to normal bone is unclear. The adjacent Os sacrum is radiographically unremarkable.
  • Bilateral mineralization in the area where the gluteal muscles attach to the third trochanter.
  • The right patella is luxated laterally. The ipsilateral right stifle joint space is asymmetric, indicative of instability.


  • Monostotic, aggressive bone lesion affecting the right wing of the ilium; Differential diagnosis include a primary bone tumor (osteosarcoma, fibrosarcoma, chondrosarcoma) or infectious osteomyelitis (bacterial, fungal, parasitic).
  • Right lateral patellar luxation.
  • Bilateral tendinopathy of the gluteal muscle at the insertion of the third trochanter.

Further diagnostics:

Bone biopsies and histopathology of the right Ilial wing could provide information about the dignity of the lesion. Thoracic radiographs in three directions and abdominal sonography are helpful in identifying metastatic disease. CT may provide more information about the extent of the lesion and rule out sacral involvement.


Histopathology confirmed a primary bone tumor (osteosarcoma).


Many thanks to Dr. ECVDI Thorsten Rick for this case report!

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