Medical papers 13.Jul 2021

Internal medicine: The ACTH stimulation test in diagnosing Addison's disease (hypoadrenocorticism)

Tips on the ACTH stimulation test for dogs and cats

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Medical papers 09.Jul 2021

Internistics: Addison´s disease

Addison's disease – indications and relevance in everyday practice

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Expert interviews 07.Jul 2021

Interview with Dr. Gaby Verburgh Hoffmann, PhD., Dipl. ECVIM / ACVIM

Interview with the expert – how is internal medicine helped through telemedicine?

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Expert interviews 21.Jun 2021

Interview with Dr. med. vet. Katrin Timm – Specialist in dermatology, Dipl. ECVD

Interview on dermatology in telemedicine

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Medical papers 14.Jun 2021

Dermoid Sinus in dogs

Characteristics of Dermoid Sinus in dogs

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Medical papers 04.Jun 2021

SLO in dogs - often undetected and very painful

Overview: Canine Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy (SLO)

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Medical papers 25.Apr 2021

Radiology: Spine CT Scans for Dogs and Cats

When to use a SpineCT - CT myelograms and what to pay attention for

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Medical papers 23.Apr 2021

Interview with Dr. Florian Willmitzer, Dipl. ECVDI

Interview on teleradiology – tips and advantages of teleradiological analysis

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