Send radiographs usually in the DICOM format and always correctly labeled. When shipping as jpg. make sure that your pictures are transfered in their original size. If your practice software (for example, EasyImage) generates a weblink, you can also insert the weblink in the "Link" field. This guarantees you a fast processing and our specialist the highest resolution.

Analog images of storage films can be easily photographed. Even a smartphone camera with high resolution guarantees images in sufficient quality. Please make sure that the pictures are then sent in original sizes and the highest resolution.

CT and MRI studies: you can easily send us your studies via data transmission services (such as Dropbox, WeTransfer etc.). You only have to enter the transfer box link at the end of the transfer request. Our specialists have the necessary DICOM image viewing programs.

Internal cases are meaningful if you send our specialists the maximum medical history. Also ask specific questions about blood pictures or other findings.

Simple facts how to transfer dermatology cases?

To optimize dermatology reports for you, please always send us pictures of the case. Please note the following points:

• Please send us at least 3-4 different records
• These should be made as follows:
- sharp
- well exposed
- from different angles (to see if the skin change is sublime or recessed)
- with different distances (overview pictures provide information on where the change is, how the surrounding healthy skin looks)
- for the estimation of the scale, scales or e.g. A pencil point useful

Da es sich um forensisch wichtige Gutachten handelt, müssen alle Röntgenbilder korrekt beschriftet sein und den Anforderungen an die Projektionen nach Rölf07 entsprechen. Falsch beschriftete oder projizierte Bilder können leider nicht befundet werden.

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Wie kann ich mich als Diplomate registrieren?

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