DiploVets is a telemedicine provider for veterinarians, which provides practitioners fast, uncomplicated and case-related access to international veterinary specialists. We are a passionate team with a network of currently more than 30 diplomats who share our vision: to simplify diagnostics and therapy in practice through modern information and communication technologies to support veterinarians in their daily work and thus increase the quality of medical care.

Especially many young veterinarians find the first years in their profession very challenging. But also experienced colleagues are regularly confronted with unusual and challenging cases in their daily practice. For such cases DiploVets can offer the professional support and supplementation they need to treat their patients in the best possible way. We are proud of this.

Since 2015 we have been offering complementary diagnostics by international veterinary specialists at the highest veterinary level (exclusively diplomats). Our unique network continues to grow and already covers all areas of expertise. Behind DiploVets there is no investment fund or any other form of venture capital or any other company in the veterinary sector - but veterinarians with the ambition to support both our customers and experts in their daily work to achieve the best for our patients together. 

DiploVets - together we care.


As practicing veterinary surgeons and passionate animal owners the founders Anke and olive Gehrig already experienced in the study, which immense background knowledge existed with their specialized colleagues with diploma conclusion. With great personal commitment, fellow students have built up an enormous wealth of experience in their respective fields during their further education and the final "residency". The uncomplicated exchange with their befriended colleagues was a welcome support in many situations and became an important tool in diagnosis, which both of them soon did not want to miss.
"We noticed that more and more practices reached their limits in complex cases and had difficulties in meeting the requirements of their pet owners. On the other hand, we saw diplomats who struggled to answer the urgent requests of their colleagues in a completely unstructured way - always following the schedule of their colleagues, always under time pressure and often without payment".

One of the challenges in today's veterinary medicine is the constantly advancing specialization and the associated need for a constant exchange of experience and knowledge within the veterinary profession. This is where the idea of DiploVets came from. The private exchange on professional topics with diplomats friends has developed into a joint work in an international network of experts. DiploVets is a platform that makes the knowledge and experience of diplomats from all fields of veterinary medicine easily and quickly available and thereby makes an important contribution to the quality of veterinary care.


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